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The capital city of Croatia is one of the best political and educational centers in the world. It is in typical Central Europe with a laid-back history. Tourism has increased significantly in the past few years, attracting so many tourists every year. The best time to visit is early spring and summers. Don’t forget December and its exotic Christmas markets in the city center squares.

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Experience in Zagreb

Croatia is such a beautiful coast country, but it provides a unique experience, unlike anywhere else. It is a small Central European country with a rich history. The Hapsburg Monarchy still rules in Zagreb.

What to do in Zagreb?

  • Exploring the Old Town

You can walk in Upper Town any time of the day and find bustling cafes and restaurants filled with people. Further, From April to August, you can walk through the major historical monuments and take photos there. This is allowed from 5 pm to 8 pm. Visit the Stone Gate, which is the only remaining gate in Old Town.

  • Take a coffee on a Saturday

Having Saturday coffee is a culture of Zagreb, and people stick to it. During the rush hour, people visit the city center to have a drink at Tkalciceva Street. Just sit wherever you find a free table and dress well with the locals.

  • Mirogoj Cemetery and Dolac Market

Dolac market is a well-known market in the middle of the city center. Likewise, people come here to buy fresh fruits and local produce. On the other hand, Mirogoj Cemetery is another important landmark in Zagreb. It has its famous arcades, tombs, and pavilions showing actual architecture.

Foods and restaurants in Zagreb

The restaurant culture of Zagreb has improved, and people don’t want to only go to fancy restaurants. They love having affordable food as well. Besides, there are many great meals to taste in places like Mali Bar, Lari & Penati, etc.

If you want to taste Strukli, visit La Struk next to the railway station. Strukli is a cottage cheese strudel that is either cooked or baked.

You can have it as your main course lunch or dinner. There are many other traditional dishes like mlinci, krempite, etc.

Accommodations in Zagreb

There are all kinds of accommodations in Zagreb, from budget-friendly to lavish ones. Secondly, there are hostels for youngsters to stay in to explore the city. Hotels get cheaper during summers and even during weekends. Amelie is a great café offering cakes and ice creams in Zagreb.


Tram runs in Zagreb even today, while shopping is yet another fun thing to try out here. So, plan to visit Zagreb the next time you want a holiday!

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