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If you are running a farm irrespective of whether it is a big farm or even a small one, you will need a functioning tractor. However, when you are regularly using your tractor, there is every possibility that occasionally it may break down too.

Often these repairs may be quite expensive. However, with little more awareness about various common problems and their remedy will not only save your money on the expensive repair, but also reduce the downtime of your tractor.

If you are interested that your Kubota graveyard brand of tractor remains in top condition then you may get it regularly serviced by Southern Global Tractor and also be aware of a few simple problems so that you can take care of them yourself.

The following are a few common issues with tractors that you must be aware of:

  • Electrical system maintenance

Whenever your tractor develops any electrical problems, you must start by checking the battery first. Properly examine the terminals and cables and make sure that they all are free of deposits.

If you have doubts about the battery then call experts and decide whether it needs replacement.

  • Fuel system issues

Often your tractor may not perform quite well due to a problem with the fuel system.  If the parts that will transfer the fuel to the engine have certain problems then the engine can perform poorly.

You need to clean the system and if needed, you may get it checked by a qualified mechanic to set it right. In case any parts get faulty then they need to be replaced.

  • Carburetor problems

For proper engine operation, the carburetor mixes fuel and creates the right mixture. Often these parts may get clogged or also break down. If there is severe corrosion, then it needs to be cleaned or you need to rebuild the carburetor.

  • Spark plugs

If your spark plugs get too old or faulty then the problems like hard starts, or suboptimal engine performance, and sometimes excessive fuel consumption can also be seen. The spark plug needs to be replaced periodically to make sure that your tractor will perform well.

  • Blade sharpening

If you have a small garden tractor having a single blade, then you can remove it to get it sharpened by using a file. However, a larger tractor, where there are several blades may need professional servicing.

  • The tractor engine is overheating

Engine overheating is a very common problem however, don’t open the radiator cap while the engine is very hot. Check whether the radiator has got coolant in it. Avoid using tap water rather use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water.

Also, you can try to blow off all the fins of the radiator by blowing compressed air in case they are very dirty or muddy. Any dirty fins can make your radiator a little inefficient in lowering the temperature of your coolant very effectively.

However, you must make sure that you do not bend any of your fins while you are cleaning it off.



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