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Wondering what is a salve? Well, it is basically a cream, ointment or balm that has many purposes. You apply salve on your skin either for moisturizing or to protect it from damages like cuts, rashes, sunburn etc., When you want to use a solve, it would be effective if the salve you choose contains some herbs that has the efficiency to heal the ailment.

You might have heard about the CBD (Cannabidiol) which was once, unfortunately, illegal in the US. However, after 2018, it has been legalized and it is legal to grow hemp. Just that you know, el CBD es legal en Mexico. Now you can buy hemp derived products like, CBD oil, tincture, edibles. Though hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis plant, hemp has a relatively low psychoactive component, THC.

To get the benefits of CBD, you need to ensure that hemp plants were grown without chemical pesticides, which can taint CBD oil. Fortunately, at Just CBD store, you can buy CBD products that are derived from organically grown hemp plants. All their products are third-party tested and you can easily learn what you will get from the label of the product.

CBD Oil Benefits

One of the most beneficial parts of CBD is that it can interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system and help maintain balance in our bodily functions and also support wellness.

CBD is becoming more popular for its amazing health benefits including, anti-depressant, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and also benefits seizures, arthritis, pain, insomnia, nausea, various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and much more. CBD is also beneficial for pets to help with anxiety, arthritis etc.,

CBD Isolate Or Full-spectrum?

CBD is available as an Isolate, Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum. If you want the whole benefits of medicinal hemp then you can choose full-spectrum that has flavonoids, terpenes and other essential cannabinoids including THC (not more than 0.3%). While the Isolate only contains CBD, broad-spectrum has all the cannabinoid excluding THC.

When you use full-spectrum CBD for salve or other topical cream, they don’t enter the bloodstream. Rather, they activate the localized receptors of ECS receptors. That ensures, you won’t get the high-effect when you apply on the skin.

CBD Salve

You can, now, easily make your own slave to suit your need. For this, you can choose coconut oil that has full of saturated fat or olive oil or bee wax, which is popular and easy to get smooth salve.

With just three ingredients and following the four steps you can easily make your own CBD salve in just 10 minutes. Buy original CBD oil from reputed store and here are the steps for this recipe.

CBD oil – ¼ cup

Bee wax Pellets – 2 tsp

Shea butter – 1tbsp

Using double boiler or pot melts bee wax and shea butter. Once they are melted completely, turn down the heat to low and add CBD oil. Overheating of CBD oil will damage the properties of cannabinoids. Once completely blended, remove from heat immediately and pour the liquid to containers of your choice.

That’s all! Let it harden. Now it is ready to use for topical application. Keep it in cool, dry place to preserve for a long time.



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