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After you have cleared the driving test then you are offered a P-plate license, where you are allowed to drive after displaying your P plate. This will indicate that you are a new driver who needs more practice to become a proficient driver.

Before obtaining your license, you can learn various safe car driving techniques and skills and also receive 20 logbook hours as a bonus after completing the entire Safer Drivers Course from LTRENT driving school. Also, your other friends and family members too can join this driving course along with you in case they can meet the entire requirements.

Usually, during the initial period after obtaining your P-plate your parents and friends will always be worried when you take your car for driving on the road. Often people may not like to accompany you in your car.

Driving as such will be quite smooth as long as you do not come across any unexpected accidents. Therefore, it is very essential that during this phase, you must drive very carefully and always follow all the safety rules that you have learned during your training. This is the time when you will develop right habit during your driving.

During this time, you get the opportunity for solo driving, and help you to become a little more independent while driving your car. The following are a few things to remember while driving on the road.

  • During this period it is advisable to drive at a slower speed and you still need a little more driving and also learning independently.
  • You need to reduce taking advice from your instructor gradually.
  • Unless the driving conditions are too challenging, you should not ask your trainer to accompany you while driving your car.
  • You must reinforce the message in your mind that developing your skills will take a lot of practice and time. This will help in keeping your overconfidence under control.

Usually, most of the P platers are particularly little more crash-prone, during their very first year and the following are a few facts that one must keep in mind:

  • Most P platers will have 3 times the amount of risk to get into a crash and usually, it is during this period minimum of one person may either get injured or killed.
  • P platers have 3 times the amount of risk to get a single-vehicle crash, like going off the road.
  • Generally, their risk of a crash during the initial few months will be very high as compared to later months in this provisional period.
  • Despite driving for 75 hours to clear for theoretical and practical tests for driving license, and gaining driving so much driving experience while as a learner, all P platers are in the process of developing skills for safe driving, and still they have got a very high risk of facing a crash.
  • Therefore, it is very important to make the most of your learner period. Also, there are several extra things that a new driver must do so that as a new P plater you must stay safe.

If you want to buy a new vehicle for a P driver, then it is vital to remember that any safe car should not necessarily be an expensive car.

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