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An older person needs to go to the doctor more often than someone in their 20’s. This makes sense, because they have a lot more health issues and things that could possibly be affecting them. You don’t hear about a young person having knee trouble or cognition issues nearly as often as a senior citizen. The same holds true for cars! Older vehicles, also known as high mileage vehicles, require the same service as newer cars and then some.


A quick look across the roads will tell you that not all cars are new cars. How do cars continue to run for 10 years, 20 years, or even longer? By keeping up with their maintenance needs! Whether you have a vintage car you absolutely love or an older vehicle you can’t afford to replace with a newer one just yet, you need to learn all you can about what the Nissan service center in Wallingford, CT will do to keep your vehicle running. More people are holding on to their old cars longer than ever by following a few pieces of expert advice:


Every 3,000 Miles

Change the oil, and replace the oil filter

Check the washer fluid level

Add fuel injector cleaner to fuel


Every Six Months

Check the power steering fluid level

Wax the car to extend the life of the paint and to prevent rust


Every 10,000 Miles

Adjust the clutch if your vehicle has a manual transmission

Inspect the belts

Rotate the tires


Every Year

Inspect the brakes

Inspect the hoses and clamps

Clean the battery connections

Check the brake fluid level

Check the manual transmission fluid

Check the coolant strength

Back-flush the radiator

Rinse off the air conditioner condenser

Buff the plastic headlight assembly

Replace cabin air filter (if your car has one)



Inspect the spark plug wires

Replace the spark plugs

Replace the distributor cap and rotor

Change the transmission fluid

Replace the oxygen sensors (for vehicles manufactured late 1970’s to early 1990’s)

Inspect the shocks for leaks, and perform bounce test

Replace the PCV valve

Clean the throttle body

Flush the coolant system

Check the battery electrolyte level

Replace the fuel filter

Inspect the brakes

Inspect the accessory drive belts

Replace the timing belt

Have the front end alignment inspected and checked

Inspect the U-joints

Replace the oxygen sensors (for vehicles manufactured after mid-1990’s)

Replace the rear axle lubricant


Are you going to do all of this yourself? Probably not. As you can see, it’s a lot to keep up with. It is all important though if you want your older, high mileage car to run well. When you keep up with taking your car to the Nissan service center in Wallingford, CT on a regular basis, your vehicle will continue to drive for years to come! Treating it well with proper maintenance will lead to a rewarding long-term ownership, saving the expense of buying a new vehicle sooner than necessary.


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