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If you or your loved one suffers from one-sided paralysis of facial structures, you must have been taking steroidal or anti-viral medicines for the same. Steroids work the best when started within 72 hours of the onset of Bell’s palsy.

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Bell’s palsy cause and symptoms

It is a sudden onset of one-sided facial paralysis, weakness, and drooping. Its cause is unknown and could occur as a result of triggers caused by dormant viral infections such as Shingles and Herpes. When the body tries to fight such triggers, the immune system is activated to produce an inflammatory response. This inflammation around the facial nerve results in symptoms of Bell’s palsy such as:

  • Drooping of eyes and mouth towards one side.
  • Excessive drooling.
  • One-sided smile.
  • Inability to close the eyes completely on the affected side.
  • Changes in the taste sensations.
  • Excessive tear production.
  • You feel pain along the path of the affected facial nerve, or behind the ear and on the jawline of the affected side.
  • Headache.
  • Increased sensitivity to loud noises especially on the affected side.

Bell’s palsy is usually temporal, and the patient recovers in a few weeks. However, some patients might experience permanent damage to the facial muscle function supplied by the facial nerve. Prednisone is the primary drug of choice for its treatment, and it works by reducing inflammatory reactions around the facial muscles.

Long term use of steroids is associated with many side effects, and that is why many patients want to opt for natural and safer treatments including, CBD oil.

Is CBD oil effective?

There is no evidence to prove that CBD oil is an effective remedy for Bell’s palsy. However, it can prove to be beneficial by working on three major functions:

  • By modulating the neurotransmitter response, it can improve neurological functioning and reduce pain associated with facial muscle paralysis.
  • By regulating the inflammatory response of the human body.
  • By increasing localized blood circulation when topical CBD is used to massage the affected area, thus accelerating the rate of recovery.

CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, and Bell’s palsy symptoms result from swelling caused due to inflammation around the facial nerve. Thus, it can speed up recovery and alleviate the symptoms in patients suffering from facial paralysis.

CBD oil is also a powerful anti-oxidant and could help minimize the risks associated with permanent residual damage. However, there is no evidence or research to support their effectiveness.

You must always consult your doctor if you are concurrently taking prednisone for the treatment of Bell’s palsy as CBD oil can produce antagonistic effects and reduce prednisone metabolism, increasing the chances of more potent side-effects.


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